Requirements for writing articles

Requirements for writing articles

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Guidelines for writing papers:

I. Please, define what kind of paper you are going to present:




II. Please, follow the instructions according to the defined type of paper:


Research highlighting ongoing research projects in the region on one of the above mentioned topic areas:

Paper structure:

  • introduction
  • literature review
  • methodology
  • results
  • discussion
  • conclusions
  • implications
  • list of references

Maximum 3,000 words.


Teaching Practice focusing on classroom-based and action research based on the topic areas, which is more directly related to the realities of language teaching in the region.


Paper structure:

  • a well-researched literature review which addresses all concepts included in the paper,
  • a methodology section detailing data collection and / or approach employed in the classroom,
  • discussion
  • conclusion sections which should include specific, practical recommendations applicable in diverse contexts
  • list of references

Maximum 2,500 words.

  • Current issues related to language learning and language teaching
  • Discussion of language policy and related impact in the region
  • National and international policies, not limited to language policies, which may have an impact on the learning and/or teaching context in the region or internationally

3) Commentary focusing on current issues that relate to the topic areas in the region.  Commentary should be well researched and include current references that support the main points of the paper. Commentary papers focus on a balanced report and discussion on current and emerging issues in Kazakhstan rather than on argumentation.

Maximum 1,500 words.

Paper structure:

  • Paper title
  • Name of the author/s
  • Organization, city, country
  • E-mail address
  • Paper text
  • List of References

FORMATTING guidelines:

  • Please use A4 paper size, with all margins set at 2 sm.
  • Use Times New Roman 14 pt. font and single line spacing with 0 pt. spacing before and after throughout the paper.
  • Papers should be saved in Word format with no pages indicated
  • The layout of the page (see the Template) includes:

UDC is in the upper left corner; in a single interval there is the title (in capital letters, bold); in a single interval there is your academic title, academic degree and name. On the next line there is the name of the institution, city and country. On the next line there is your email address.

The paper should be preceded by an abstract in other two languages. For papers in the English language there should be an abstract in Kazakh (Түйін) and in Russian и (Резюме). For papers in Russian there should be an abstract in Kazakh (Түйін) and English (Summary). For papers in Kazakh there should be an abstract in Russian (Резюме) and English (Summary).

  • In a single interval there is a main text with single line spacing, list of reference used within the text and marked as [1]. References on the list are given in the order they are given in the text and have the following formatting: initial and family name of the author, title of source, place and publish house, year (for conference proceedings: city, country, year).


To clarify the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) will you follow the link:


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