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The Association of Teachers of English of Shymkent «TESh»

Registration date: 30 January, 1997

Address: Lomonosov st., 7, Shymkent

President: Rashida Osmanova

Mobile: +77017130144

email: teshshimkent@yahoo.com ; osmanovar406@gmail.com





TESh is a Shymkent-based organization serving as an educational and organizational center for English teachers around Shymkent and Turkistan oblast. TESh provides professional development and leadership for English teachers by promoting their professional growth so that the results of their activities meet international standards and the needs of students, the community and the region as a whole.


Implementation of cooperation of teachers of English on a professional basis.

TESh was set up in 1997 as the educational, organizational hub for a dynamic network of English language teachers in Shymkent. In 1999 TESh was among those professional NGOs that took the initiative to set up the national association.  Since that time it was one of the most active members of KazTEA.
TESh runs monthly workshops on the issues of EFL teaching related to various subjects. Over the years of its operation (1997-2020), TESh members have organized various professional trainings and conferences, providing an opportunity for networking and aimed at raising the awareness of teachers about the use of a cognitive approach and interactive tasks, as well as web technologies in accordance with the needs of Kazakhstani teachers.

Positive experience of cooperation with foreign organizations accredited in RK in terms of English language teaching development has been accumulated, thanks to which numerous educational projects have been implemented. The most long-term and effective were Village Program (2003-2020), Access Program (2007-2016), and Model United Nations (2010-2018).

Patricia Estep, Senior English Language Fellow, USA, initiated the project called Village Project that had evolved from an idea to improve teaching methods to an opportunity for many women to make a difference in their communities and in this country. The success was largely due to the work of dedicated women educators in the South Kazahkstan Oblast under the guidance of Patricia. In 2020, the Village Project Renaissance was implemented in 5 regions of Kazakhstan under the leadership of KazTEA.

TESh has been a provider for the Access program for 10 years. As a result, over 300 Access-TESh alumni established an association ASAA to launch a network for Access members and students. TESh continues to strengthen ASAA by supporting alumni networking nationally, regionally and internationally.

In 2010 TESh took the initiative to conduct an international project "Model UN" on an annual basis, which included trainings, projects, and conferences. There were no analogues of this project in Kazakhstan at that time: this was the first project of this type.

As a member of Civil Aliens TESh is concerned with raising awareness of leadership development among its members and promotes democratic virtues.

All TESh projects are supported by international and local organizations. Over the years TESh has accumulated invaluable experience and contributed to the development of the practice of teaching English and intercultural relations in Kazakhstan.

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