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“Advancing English for Media Literacy in Kazakhstan” project follow-up. Meetings with partners

In January there was a series of meetings of the Project Director – Tatyana Letyaikina in Almaty, Karaganda and Atyrau.

There was a productive discussion at the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages with the Vice-Rector of the University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences T.A. Kulgildinova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhumabekova G.B. - the head of the "Methodology of Foreign Language Education" chair, PhD, Associate Professor Iskakova N.S - the head of the "Theory and Intercultural Communication" Chair, Savankova M.V. and Tutbayeva Zh. A. - teaching faculty of these departments. Having discussed the projects and events at the KazTEA Tatyana Letyaikina shared experiences gained within the "Advancing English for Media Literacy in Kazakhstan" project by facilitators in 16 cities and project participants. The importance and relevance of the online course "English for Media Literacy" resources was noted in terms of transition to social media correspondence and its interactive nature. Participants agreed on the importance of application of the online course resources on media literacy competences while developing training course for EFL teachers within life-long learning program as well as within syllabus of diverse courses related to English FL teaching.

Another meeting was with the project participants in Atyrau on the basis of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, which was the venue for the facilitated sessions. The projects participants shared their acquired skills and knowledge, such as graphic symbols or choice of words to grab attention of readers, indirect or connotative meaning of words in a text or captions. Participants also enjoyed interactive tasks and work with web apps. Special word was given to Kumyssay Khassanova who shared her lesson plan on the theme "Propoganda" within a speaking club "Speak It Easy", which was awarded with the 3d prize. The School Principal , Erali Bizhanov, was also awarded with the gift from the project - desk organizer, with the note "Open your Mind via Media Literacy at OPEN Network and KaxTEA"

The project was also presented at the Academy "Bolashak" in Karaganda. Speakers -Tatyana Letyaikina, Anna Kaluzhanova, Tatyana Shelestova and Zhansaya Budikova raised the questions related to ICT and web apps, such as web apps for language learning, online forum, podcast to develop communication and high-order thinking skills. Zhansaya demonstrated the role of facilitators to support and guide group discussion on the Forum of the Coursera platform and techniques to motivate participants to join discussion.

The meetings held in January were very productive and promoted both the "Advancing English for Media Literacy in Kazakhstan" project and the MOOC “English for Media Literacy” developed by Pennsylvania University

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