The name of the organization: The Association of Teachers of English in Shymkent «TESh»
Address: 3, Gani Ilyaeva-st, Shymkent, 160050, Kazakhstan
Telephone: +77017130144
Projectsite: South Kazakhstan Oblast
President of the organization: Rashida Osmanova
Director of the Resource Center: Rashida Osmanova
The organization background, the year of establishment: “TESh” was founded in January 1997 to identify the needs of teachers from a wide range of educational contexts.
The mission of our organization is to ensure high standards of English throughout the South Kazakhstan Oblast by providing students with support and guidance in academic skills, so as to ensure that their work within and beyond the institution meets the expectations of the international community. In this way TESh seeks to raise standards and awareness of academic English in the South Kazakhstan Oblast.
Our aims To offer opportunities for communicating and networking among TESh members. To provide opportunities for teachers to share and benefit from each other’s practical experiences. To serve and represent the interests of the ELT community. To enhance the professional development of TESh members. To provide a forum for debating issues of importance to the profession.
Working within country educational contexts, TESh connects with local organizations, aiming for an integration of local expertise with international experience to achieve appropriate strategies for education development.
TESh is the educational, organizational hub for a dynamic network of South Kazakhstan ELT NGO, local education cooperation networks and independent professionals. The ELT education networks is committed to developing effective strategies for collaboration and capacity sharing to democratize education and implement projects that emphasizes student-centered teaching and management in education.
We are promoting the interest of the teachers in our organization and our activities encouraging them to be the members of TESh and participants of the activities.
The activities of the organization are:
  • Conducting seminars and courses on methodologies of teaching English with helps of invited instructors, local teachers and native speakers who teach in the region.
  • Acquiring new books and equipment for the TESh Resource Center .
  • Partnering with the city and oblast educational department, oblast institute of continuing education, department of information, and other NGOs of our region.
  • Organizing English clubs for teachers and students.
  • Maintaining relationships with the teachers’ associations in other regions and the NATEK.
  • Maintaining relationships with foreign organizations, such as USEIS, FSK , BC , Peace Corps, ACCELS, IREX
  • Participation in the NATEK conferences.
  • Conducting English Language Olympiad and English Festival.
  • Developing materials