Distance Course in Practical English Teaching Methodology for Village Teachers

It is a 12-week course for in-service teachers that provides new insight and approaches to teaching the four skills as well as vocabulary and grammar in a creative way. For a more detailed description click here.

The course contains practical activities and strategies for immediate use in the classroom. It also requires teacher reflection on their teaching practice and trains them to develop similar activities with relevance to their syllabi. See the Course Map Here.

The course has been developed and administered by highly qualified professionals. They are also members of the “Village Project”, the initiative that was inspired by Patricia Estep, ELF, started in the South of Kazakhstan and has spread all over Central Asia including Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The course was piloted in 2006. 50 village teachers from West, Central and Est Kazakhstan took part in it. The course was very challenging, both the participants and the tutors experienced constraints and learned to communicate in a new environment. There was a considerable drop-out, but finally the first graduates were awarded certificates for superior achievement and excellence in this 72-hour course.

The Participants’ Impressions

Gulshara Nazarova, ELT methodologist, Ayagoz, East KZ:

“I am grateful to the course orgnisers for this great opportunity to access new techniques in teaching English. Most of all I appreciated that the course was in English and we had a chance to practice the language we are to teach. The traditional courses at the Teacher Continuous Development Institute focus more on theory”.

Svetlana Ermolaeva, English teacher, Vinnoe, East KZ:

“It gave me more confidence in using English in the classroom, because the activities were communicative. I could easily adapt them to my teaching situation. The students liked a lot working on the project, as it allowed them to learn to use English practically”.

Gulshara Talasbaeva, English teacher, Ayagoz, East KZ:

“I am indulged to you for your great support during the course. Sometimes I found the content difficult, I was also pressed for time. However, you encouraged me to carry on. Thank you for the great number of activities and resources you supplied along with the course. I use them with my students and they become more motivated than when we used only the textbook”.

Tatyana Psaryova, English teacher, Uvarovo, East KZ:

“It was a great challenge for me to take part in the distance course. My workload, as any village teacher’s, is very high. Yet I got absorbed in it soon. It was not so easy, the content was in English, but I really liked it. I tried to use every activity and spent time evaluating my experience. Thanks for the books you have given to us, we’ll make a good use of them in our school.”