Computer and Web Technologies for ELT.

TESh gained Hornby Trust Funds, British Council, Kazakhstan, and is the provider of the training. Together with the Centre of New Technology Implementation into Education we arranged the seminar for 21 teachers  from Kentau, Turkestan, Dzetysaj, Sairam and Lenger. These days a training is successfully going on at the Academy of languages KUFN.
Seminar participants are getting new knowledge and skills in teaching English FL with the help of computer software and internet. I’m happy they’ve enjoyed working with HotPotatoes and developed various vocabulary and grammar exercises with Jmix, Jmatch, Jcross and other tools. Another amazing platform they tried was google.doc. Participants tried to write a document and make corrections on-line.I must add that seminar materials are compiled on the basis of 3 trainings arranged by the British Council: Professional Training Programme (Almaty, 2001-2003), ‘Bringing Technology into the EFL classroom’ (Hornby School in Kolomna 2007) and English for Teaching-Teaching for English (ETTE- 2008-).

Best learning is via doing

Much work should be done to implement computer tools and software into the teaching process and local classroom. Meantime I would thank the trainees for their enthsiasm and kind support in conducting the training. More details are on the blog