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‘Educating a Global Citizen: Learning beyond English’
Pavlodar April 26-27, 2019

Call for Proposals and Participant Application

Applications and proposals are due no later than February 25, 2019

KazTEA 2019 Conference ‘Educating a Global Citizen: Learning beyond English’ is designed in the era of implementing UN goals of sustainable development. Two of these goals, Qualitative Education and Gender Equality are achieved via teachers’ life-long learning and women-teachers personal and professional development.  The conference is targeted to raise these issues and share the best practices and successes in innovative education, cognitive learning, content-language integrated learning (CLIL), innovative thinking skills, application of ICT and mobile apps in TEFL, as well as discuss challenges and successes of empowering women in education and the role and practices of community service.


1) Innovative approach to theoretical issues in English FL teaching.
2) The role of an EFL teacher at present educational system in Kazakhstan
3) English for specific purposes as a key to develop entrepreneurship skills
4) Alternative assessment: challenges and solutions for an individual growth
5) Multimedia application as a means of language learning for change
6) Subject and language learning: professional skills for the future
7) Building 21st century skills in teaching English
8) Enhancement activity as a valuable aid to promoting learning environment
9) Empowering women teachers

To know more about the requriements follow the link or Application form KazTEA 2019

CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will be published online with an ISBN.

Papers can be writted in one of the 3 languages: English, Kazakh or Russian. Papers are due to arrive by April 1, 2019 to


  • Research
  • Teaching Practice
  • Commentary

To know more about the requriements to paper follow the link


Международная конференция Модель ООН «MUIMUN 2018

ОО учителей английского языка «ТЕШ», г.Шымкент инициировали и провели проект 25 – 28 октября 2018г

Организационный комитет: ОО «ТЕШ»; университет «Мирас»; Молодежное общественное объединение «Выпускники ACCESS города Шымкент «ASAA», Общественное объединение юридических лиц «KazTEA».

Спонсоры и партнеры: Фонд поддержки публичной дипломатии имени А.М.Горчакова (г.Москва), Назарбаев Интеллектуальные Школы г.г.Шымкент, Усть-Каменогорск, Караганда, Департамент общественной информации ООН, . . .
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Village Project Renaissance

On behalf of KazTEA T. Letyaikina an alumna of A.S. Hornby Educational Trust -2004, has gained a grant to conduct TEFL Village Project in 5 regions of Kazakhstan in 2019. The prime goal of the project is improve English language proficiency level of students in rural areas to join CLIL (content and language integrated . . .
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KazTEA PST 2018 Photos

Nina Shandetskaya (A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University, Kostanay)              Paul Woodfall   Regional Training Co-ordinator, OUP Darkhan Ashimov – TED Talks Speaker ‘Debates as a tool for breaking the language barrier His memories and successe here

. . .
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Reflection from Kostanay

A team of speakers from Kostanay share their experiences after attending and presenting

at the 1st International Pre-Service Teachers Conference

Eight things we learned at the 1st International Pre-service Teachers Conference

“Teaching and Learning English in Transition to Tri-Lingual Education: Research, Challenges and Successes”

#1 – No Fear

We did experience some . . .
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KazTEA PST 2018 Program

Here is the Full text of the KazTEA PST Program

Here is the Full text of the TED Talks Program as Pre-Conference Event