‘Lesson planning with the use of IT-technologies’ TESh seminar

On December 22, 2018, a workshop was held for English teachers of schools in Shymkent on the topic “Lesson planning with the use of IT-technologies”.

The seminar, initiated by the NGO “TESh”, was organized by the Secondary School # 28 team  and generously supported by Shymkent Education Department

The purpose of the seminar: to . . .
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Международная конференция Модель ООН «MUIMUN 2018

ОО учителей английского языка «ТЕШ», г.Шымкент инициировали и провели проект 25 – 28 октября 2018г

Организационный комитет: ОО «ТЕШ»; университет «Мирас»; Молодежное общественное объединение «Выпускники ACCESS города Шымкент «ASAA», Общественное объединение юридических лиц «KazTEA».

Спонсоры и партнеры: Фонд поддержки публичной дипломатии имени А.М.Горчакова (г.Москва), Назарбаев Интеллектуальные Школы г.г.Шымкент, Усть-Каменогорск, Караганда, Департамент общественной информации ООН, . . .
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Village Project Renaissance

On behalf of KazTEA T. Letyaikina an alumna of A.S. Hornby Educational Trust -2004, has gained a grant to conduct TEFL Village Project in 5 regions of Kazakhstan in 2019. The prime goal of the project is improve English language proficiency level of students in rural areas to join CLIL (content and language integrated . . .
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Reflection from Kostanay

A team of speakers from Kostanay share their experiences after attending and presenting

at the 1st International Pre-Service Teachers Conference

Eight things we learned at the 1st International Pre-service Teachers Conference

“Teaching and Learning English in Transition to Tri-Lingual Education: Research, Challenges and Successes”

#1 – No Fear

We did experience some . . .
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KazTEA 2018 Proceedings

KazTEA 2018 Proceedings Full Text