KazTEA Board Meeting

29 апреля в рамках работы научно-практической конференции KazTEA состоялось Общее Собрание полномочных представителей ассоциаций г. Актобе, Астаны, Костанай, Кокчетав, Кызыдорда, Тараз, Усть-Каменогорск и Шымкент. Председателем Собрания была избрана Османова Р.А., которая присоединялась в режиме он-лайн.

В свете законопроектов, находящиеся на рассмотрении в Парламенте РК по вопросам расширения полномочий НПО, было принято решение . . .
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KazTEA 2015 Follow-up

‘Thank you’ goes to every participant of the KazTEA 2015 Conference. It would be good to share the materials of the Conference. This is a good chance to present the joint report done by Proffesor, Dr. G.T. Balabayeva – Director of Republic Institute for Development of Leading and Reserch-Pedagogical Staff of Education System of . . .
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KazTEA 2015 Virtual Presentations

KazTEA 2015 Virtual Presenters

Dear School and University Teachers, Pre-service EFL Teachers!

You’re welcome to join KazTEA 2015 Conference and have a look at some presentations on-line.

“Using Wordle and other word clouds in teaching English” developed by Yuliya Shandetskaya – MA student at A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University is here

“10 reasons to use smartphones and . . .
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KazTEA 2015 Program

KazTEA 2015 Conference ‘Excellence in English Teaching and Research for better learning outcomes’ is designed to enhance competency-based EFL teaching as well as develop EFL teacher’s proactivity via sharing best practices.

The KazTEA conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:

To discuss, share and give updates on topical issues that are . . .
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KazTEA 2015 Key Speakers

Dr. Helena Curtain, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Dr. Helena Curtain

Dr. Helena Curtain has varied experience as a foreign/second language educator and has taught at elementary school through university levels. She served as Foreign Language Curriculum Specialist for the Milwaukee Public Schools for many years and in that capacity coordinated and supervised K-12 . . .
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