The name of the organization: Taraz Association of Teachers of English “TATE”

Address: 9, Suleimanova Street , Taraz , Kazakhstan . Taraz State University named after H.Dulaty

Telephone: 83262 344137; 87059008188

E-mail: tate@hotbox.ru

Website: www.tate-info.freenet.kz

President of the organization: Gulmira Yemkulova ,senior lecturer of English, Taraz Affiliation of International Kazakh –Turkish University

Person in charge of the Resource Center : Tanya Shim, teacher of English. Taraz State University

The organization background, the year of establishment: “TATE” was founded in 1996 ,registered with the Ministry of Justice ion January 28 1998 . It has its own bank account, Tax Identification Number.

This non-profit organization is for the teachers by the teachers and is managed by the President, two vice –presidents(university and school sectors) and Executive Board. Nowadays the Association numbers about 100 members.

Association aims at

  • Bringing together teachers of English at all levels and in all areas
  • Promoting learning of English, the professional development of teachers, exchange of knowledge and information with their colleagues
  • Supporting them through publications, professional development activities
  • Keeping them informed about the latest theoretical and practical ideas for English teachers
  • Collaboration with International organizations such as British Council , Peace Corps, ACCELS, IREX
  • Building network with TEAs in other regions

These TATE goals are reflected in the following activities:

  • Conducting seminars , workshops on new approaches and ways of teaching English
  • Cooperating with the city and oblast educational department, akimat meetings(Department of Internal Policy)
  • Organizing English Conversational Clubs, holding festivals , contests, celebrating holidays
  • Participating in the programs sponsored by the US Government, Soros Foundation, Open Society Institute
  • Participation in the NATEK conferences, CATEC conferences
  • Participation in the Village Project