TEK was established by Julia Kupriyanova in 1998 and has been successfully working for 8 years thanks to Julia’s enthusiasm and great devotion to teaching and joining people together.

My name is Olga Tyshchenko. I work as a teacher at the Pedagogical Institute and I became Kostanay English Teachers’ Association President in September, 2006. Being the member of Association since its foundation I couldn’t refuse the invitation to become its leader not to lose the TEK Resource Centre and looking forward to developing teachers’ collaboration through organizing different workshops and professional development programs to enrich knowledge and capacities of teachers as well as to reinforce progressive teaching techniques and to present innovative methods to all teachers at the international level.

No doubt the difficulties in teaching English require the joint work of all the members of our organization and native speakers if it is possible. I’m happy to be a counterpart of Lenore Hinson, a Peace Corps Volunteer who is working as a teacher at Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute. Thanks to her practical invaluable help and proficiency we could organize the First International Seminar “Methodology – Student Centered Learning” on 17.01.07 for 32 City Teachers and on 19.01.07 for 40 Village Teachers with different level of participants’ experience: young teachers, experienced PhDs, teacher – trainers and methodologists.

Those seminars were conducted with the cooperation and support of Kostanay Department of Education and Kostanay Regional Institute of Teachers’ Development. All participants were given Certificates and filled out the surveys where they expressed their desires and challenges, their need for new ideas and benefits they could obtain sharing their knowledge and educational creativity with each other.