Kordai Regional English Teachers Association ( KRETA)

The Kordai Regional English Teachers Association ( KRETA) is 10 years old!

KRETA was established in the early spring of 1997. Starting a teacher association in a rural area required a lot of effort. The primary ambitions for the formation of KRETA came from Kordai’s first Peace Corps volunteer, Robert O’Donovan. Robert was in charge of implementing new ideas in our community, and KRETA was his main project. Upon his initiative, local teachers were interested in the project as well. In those early years, an administrative structure was formed, members were recruited, and legal registration was
accomplished. Those first meetings were exciting.

A second PCV in Kordai, Eric Johnson, continued the creative work of KRETA. Eric initiated a plan to hold the quartlerly KRETA meetings at different schools throughout the Kordai district. This move increased membership beyond the district center, as well as increased the association’s visibility and prestige within the larger community. Meetings from that point on have consisted of methodological discussions, open lessons, and outreach to host schools and communities.

Over the 10 years, the number of teachers have grown and their self-education has improved as well. We KRETA teachers have been active in Peace Corps, ACCELS and IREX programs and are proud participants in NATEK. We have benefited a lot through collaboration with native speakers and from supporting each other through team-teaching and shared experiences with teachers of other associations. Nowadays KRETA is one of the most active and well-known associations in Kazakhstan. We hope that KRETA stands as a
pioneer and an example of how rural teachers can band together for mutual support and professional advancement.

Happy Birthday KRETA!!

Current President: Danibala Imankulova; E-mail: danibalai@hotmail.com