The name of the organization: Karaganda Association of English Teachers

Address: 32, ul. Erubaeva, Karaganda , 100000, Kazakhstan

Telephone: 8 3212 567-620

Fax: 8 3212 564-444

E-mail: amira-79@mail.ru

Website: http://kaz-tea.kz/

Projectsite: Central Kazakhstan Oblast

Resource Center : City Library named after N.V. Gogol

Number of members: 55 people

President of the organization: Saule Nugumanova

The organization background, the year of establishment: 10 th of October 1997

Our aims: To offer opportunities for communicating among members of Association, to provide opportunities for teachers to share and benefit from each other’s practical experiences, to enhance the professional promotion of English Teachers.

Karaganda Association of English Teachers connects with local organizations, aiming for an achievement strategies for language education development, such as the City and Oblast educational department, oblast in “Students’ life”, Association of Alumni of the Faculty of Foreign Languages (KarGU), Publishing organizations “Macmillan”, “Oxford InterPress” and other NGOs of our region.

The activities of the organization are:

  • Conducting seminars and courses on methodologies of teaching English with helps of invited instructors and native speakers who teach in the region.
  • Organizing English clubs and speaking round tables for teachers and students.
  • Maintaining relationships with the teachers’ associations in other regions and the NATEK.
  • Maintaining relationships with foreign organizations, such as British Council , Peace Corps, ACCELS, IREX
  • Participation in the NATEK conferences.

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