TEFL Village Project

TEFL Village Project has started its journey in southers regions. In January TESh (Shymkent) and TATE (Taraz) successfully ran trainings in 3 regions: Sairam, Ordabassy (Turkestan oblast) and in the cillage Assa (Jambyl oblast)

What makes Village project different from other trainings is that trainers share with practicle tips in various EFL aspects. These trainings covered typical sessions on reading and writing skills as well as writing criteria for assessment, reflcetive teaching, learning styles and learning objectives, 21st century skills. The TEFL The Village Project Programs

VP Program, Karabulak village, Turkestan oblast

VP Program, Badam village, Turkestan oblast

VP Program, ASsa village, Jambyl oblast

Madina Zuftarova (TESh trainer) Tips for Listening skills

Kunsulu Akimova (TESh trainer) Tips on Summative Assessment of Speaking skills

Matianna Matsayeva (TESh trainer) Free Writing Tips

TESh trainers in Karabulak

Zulfiya Smanova, Nargilya Kassanova (TESh trainers), Rashida Osmanova (TESh President) in Badam village