‘Lesson planning with the use of IT-technologies’ TESh seminar

On December 22, 2018, a workshop was held for English teachers of schools in Shymkent on the topic “Lesson planning with the use of IT-technologies”.

The seminar, initiated by the NGO “TESh”, was organized by the Secondary School # 28 team  and generously supported by Shymkent Education Department

The purpose of the seminar: to teach teachers to plan lessons using the updated discourse format between teacher and students with the use of IT technologies and web platforms.

The workshop was opened by the school principal Karlygash Kurmanbekova. Speaking to teachers, Akerke Ablaykhan, Head of the Education Department of Shymkent, expressed her opinion on the need to use modern technologies in the classroom. Then, the attention of the participants was focused on the presentation of the main speaker of the event – TESh trainer, Tatyana Letyaykina, MSc in TESOL. Tatyana Letyaykina is a specialist in language education at Miras University and heads the National Association of English Teachers.

Tatyana Letyaykina’s workshop demonstrated teaching tips to set up formative assessment of students with practical application of IT technologies and web-platforms in the classroom.

Rashida Osmanova, President of the Association of Teachers of English in Shymkent, informed colleagues about the projects implemented by TESh.

Nazim Rysbekova, teacher of school №28, shared her impressions of her participation in the CATEC 2018 conference organized by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan for teachers of the English language from Central Asia countries in Almaty in April 2018 and encouraged colleagues to actively participate in events aimed at improving professional skills.

At the end of the seminar, high school students staged a short play in English and demonstrated good performing skills. Performance was based on the principles and methodology of drama in education, i.e. a teacher was focused on the step-by-step development of group activities, involving her students’ creative initiatives.