KazTEA 2018 Plenary Speakers

Timothy G. Collins

Timohy R. Collins

Dr. Tim Collins, Ph.D., for 15 years a teacher educator at a major teacher preparation university in the United States, offers his thoughts on how prospective teachers can build in success for their first year of teaching and the rest of their teaching careers. He will share statistics on first year of teaching, and offer 10 tips on how to have a successful start to a teaching career.
Tim Collins has taught in high schools and universities in the Morocco, Spain, China, and the United States. He is responsible for the U.S. State Department’s English language programs in Central Asian Countries, as Regional English Language Officer. He lives and works in Astana

Ekaterina Redkina

Ekaterina Redkina is a psychologist, a linguist and a qualified EFL teacher with 10-year experience. She is CELTA, Delta, TKT CLIL, IHCAM holder. Ekaterina studied in England and was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Akron, USA. Currently she is working with Russian psychology students as EFL, CLIL, ESP and EAP teacher at Moscow State University. She also specializes in teaching teenagers and adults. She is interested in psychology of English teaching, syllabus design, lesson frameworks, EdTech tools, testing and teaching English through content specific and professional content.
Her plenary speech ‘Enhancing ESL Practices Through Teaching CLIL‘ will show the importance of teaching CLIL in the modern system of education: from primary up to tertiary levels. In this talk, CLIL will be briefly compared with other teaching approaches.

Gulnara Bekzhanova

Gulnara Bekzhanova is the Academic Director at Educational Holding Study Innovations. Gulnara is an experienced teacher and educational consultant. She has taken part in a number of diverse teacher training events and projects in Kazakhstan.

Professional interests include assessment in ELT, effective study skills in second language acquisition, developing resources for ELT.