Samples of writing a summary and abstract for a conference

Writing a 50- word summary and 250-word abstract of your proposal could be challenging. You’re more than welcome to have a loot at samples of them as well as some tips on how to writie a good proposal here

These are just few of the tips:

Summary is what conference attendees will use to decide whether or not they want to attend your session

A good summary will provide:

  • Brief details of what the session will be about
  • How the session will be organized
  • What the attendees will get out of attending the session

The abstract is what the Organizing Committee will use to decide whether or not to accept your proposal

The following elements are  considered:

  • Clarity of the ideas and language
  • Quality of the ideas
  • Relation of the proposal content to theory, research, knowledge, or practice in the studied field.

Lookig forward to reading your proposals!