Key Speakers

Dr. Timothy Collins

Dr. Timothy Collins is the Regional English Language Officer for U.S. Department of State English language programs in Kazakhstan. He has over 37 years of experience in the field of English language teaching, and is the author of 34 textbooks and multimedia publications in English language learning and . . .
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Oxford University Press Travel Grant

Oxford University Press awarded 20 scholarship for KazTEA PST Conference participants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan. These scholarships include roundtrip transportation by train, accommodation and small per-diem.

Who is eligible?

Under- and postgraduate students as well as high-school students

Check list:

1) You have submitted your proposal to the Organization Committe before . . .
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1-ая Международная студенческая конференция

1-ая Международная студенческая конференция

Ассоциации учителей и преподавателей английского языка

Республики Казахстан, 2018г.

«Обучение и изучение английского языка в переходный период на трехъязычное обучение:

исследования, проблемы и успехи»

г. Шымкент, 14-15 марта, 2018г.

1-ая Международная студенческая . . .
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Call for KazTEA 1st PST Conference 2018

This is the news for under- and post graduate students – future teachers of English FL and future subject teachers who are involved into tri-lingual education in Kazakhstan and are being trained to implement CLIL at schools of all levels and types.

1st International KazTEA PST Conference 2018 ‘’Teaching and Learning English in Transition . . .
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