KazTEA Conference 2017 Report

KazTEA Conference 2017 Reporters

During the KazTEA Conference 2017 there were two reporters Alfiya Bissengaliyeva (Teacher at NIS of Chemistry and Biology in Atyrau) and Yelena Yechina (Senior Teacher at Taraz State University n.a. Dulati). Thanks to their work we have an opportunity to recall memorable moments of the conference.

This is the linkto . . .
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KazTEA Conference 2017 Follow

KazTEA 2017 Follow up!

‘Thank you’ goes to every participant of the KazTEA 2017 Conference. It would be good to share the materials of the Conference.

Plenary Speakers’ presentations. This is a good chance to present the presentation ‘Languages in Scotland: 1+2‘ of Robert Douglas Sim on the tri-lingual education policy in Scotland. This experience . . .
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KazTEA Conference 2017 Proceedings

KazTEA Conference 2017 Proceedings Full Text