KazTEA 2016 Virtual Presentations

Virtual Presentations are downloaded on the KazTEA 2016 playlist on YouTube Channel. Loads of thanks go to Assiya Sulkarnayeva, Gulmira Zhussupova and Gulsara Bixarieva. The themes raised are

‘Complementary Language Teaching / Learning: a Necessity or a Requirement?’ by Assiya Sulkarnayeva, Astana

‘Teaching and learning through English as a Medium of Instruction’ by Gulmira Zhussupova, Aktobe

‘Learning English communicatively through critical thinking’ by GulsaraBixarieva, Zharsai village, Khobda region, Aktobe oblast

Everyboday is invited to have a look at video and make your commentsy. Would  you like to add your own video presentation you’re welcome to contact kaztea2014@gmail.com