KazTEA 2015 Application forms

KazTEA 2015 Call for Proposal and Paper

KazTEA Conference ‘Excellence in English Teaching and Research for Better Learning Outcomes’ is designed to enhance competency-based EFL teaching as well as develop EFL teacher’s proactivity via sharing best practices.

Topic Areas:

  1. Teacher’s role in EFL classroom for better learning outcomes
  2. The ESP classroom for the workplace
  3. Tips for teaching English for young learners
  4. Interactive White Boards and E-teaching in the language classroom
  5. From passive English learners to critical thinkers
  6. Language and Culture crosswords’ answers
  7. Action research as a way of professional development

Types of proposals:

Demonstration (50-minute practical-oriented presentation)
Paper (30-minute research-oriented presentation)
Poster Session (1 hour)
Workshop (50 minutes)

To know more about the requriements follow the links:

KazTEA_2015_call for proposal

KazTEA_2015_call for papers

Proposal and paper deadlines

The deadline for submitting proposals and papers is March 25, 2015. The notification of the participants selected by the Organizing Committee will be provided by April 3, 2014