“Integrating the Internet into the Classroom”

Facilitator: Michael Krauss

The course Integrating the Internet into the Classroom” administrated by the Regional English Language Officer of the USA Embassy and aims at getting to know you as we explore the Internet for content material to integrate into the classroom, and share techniques for enhancing our English language teaching.

Participants must have the following:

    • a reliable connection to the Internet
    • a reliable e-mail account that is checked on a regular basis.
    • a dependable connection to the World Wide Web with access for approximately 2-3 hours or more per day.

Participants know basic computer skills: (keyboarding, email, basic Web browsing)

Participants will spend an average of 2 hours/day on the workshop readings and assignments. Some days will be more and some less.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide participants the opportunity to explore a wide range of on-line resources in a variety of content areas which can be integrated into classroom teaching.
  • Examine techniques for designing classroom materials to take advantage of the unique resources that exist on the World Wide Web. These techniques differ in some ways from those used in a paper-based environment.
  • Explore ways to find additional on-line resources for use in the classroom and to tailor those resources to fit the instructional needs of your students.
  • Look at the issues of evaluating (and helping students learn to evaluate) on-line resources.
  • In the process of exploring on-line content resources, try out different tools (applications) for delivering and discussing course content.
  • Create materials and develop activities, specifically tailored to participants’ individual teaching situations, for immediate use in the classroom
  • Engage in ongoing discussion as we proceed through the workshop and develop a pool of resources and insights which can be shared among all participants.
  • Develop professional relationships among the participants which will continue beyond the time frame of the workshop. This will be facilitated by the completion of group assignments.
  • Develop networking between NATEK members, English teachers, educational institution authorities as well as NATEK partners.