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‘Recognizing Learning Abilities and Teaching Possibilities in the Era of Trilingual Education’


March 29-30, 2017

Call for Proposals and Participant Application

KazTEA 207 Conference ‘Recognizing Learning Abilities and Teaching Possibilities in the Era of Trilingual Education’ is designed in the year of promotion of tri-lingua education at higher and secondary education. Updated core curricula that meet international education standards and criteria based assessment set challenges for teachers and students at every level. The conference is targeted to share the best practices and successes in innovative education, content-language integrated learning (CLIL), teaching innovative thinking skills with students to initiate research and academic projects at local settings, discuss challenges and successes of internationalization of education.

Applications and proposals are due no later than February 6, 2017.

More detailed information on the topic areas and format is here


KazTEA 2017 Key Speakers

Mark Dorr Administrator, Teacher Educator, Materials Developer, Teacher

Senior Fulbright Lecturer in TESL/TEFL Teacher Education, Multiple United States Department of State Academic Specialist Assignments Two United States Department of State Senior English Language Fellowships, United States Information Agency Senior English Language Fellow United States Information Agency English Teacher Training Fellow,

Experience in responsible . . .
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Call for a Reporter

KazTEA Conference 2017 Reporter

We are looking for a talented person who is interested in TEFL issues and will tell the members and other interested people on the KazTEA Conference 2017 in Shymkent. A reporter will visit the sessions, talk to participants and speakers from all over the country and abroad, describe her/his impressions . . .
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Call for a Pre-Conference event Speaker

’5 O’clock Tea Talk with a Specialist’

is assigned as a Pre-Conference Event. If you have an innovative theory or practice in TEFL or personal development then ’5 O’clock TeaTalk ‘ allows you to evoke interest, inspire and surprise participants. The most challenging will be to keep ‘guests’interested and be involved into your talk . . .
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Конференцияға шақырамыз

Қазақстан Республикасының ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімдері мен оқытушылары қауымдастығының конференциясы, 2017 ж.

«Үш тілдік білім беру жүйесіне көшу кезеңіндегі ұстаз бен оқушының мүмкіндіктерін кеңейту»

Шымкент қ., 2017 ж. 29-30 наурыз

KAZTEA 2017 конференциясы үштілдік білім беру негізінде ұлттық білім беру жүйесі жаңа бағдарламаға көшу барысында өзгерістерге ұшырап жатқан . . .
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Заявка на конференцию KazTEA 2017

Конференция Ассоциации учителей и преподавателей английского языка

Республики Казахстан, 2017г.

«Расширяя возможности обучающегося и педагога в эпоху трехъязычного образования»

г. Шымкент, 29-30 марта, 2017г

Конференция KazTEA 2017 проходит в год, когда национальная система образования претерпевает коренные изменения перехода на обновленную программу согласно трехъязычному обучению. Трехъязычное образование . . .
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